What’s better – hair bundles or wigs?

When it comes to purchasing hair bundles or hair wigs, this appears to be a commonly asked question and this article will help you find what’s more suitable for you. It’s definitely not an easy decision when purchasing either hair bundles or hair wigs. This article will provide you with a detailed insight to help you decide which is more suitable for you and your lifestyle!

Hair bundles

Firstly, what are hair bundles? Hair bundles, also known as weaves, are essentially hair wefts that are sewn on to braided hair. Other than for aesthetic purposes, it protects and covers your own hair from being exposed to heat styling products. Depending on desired thickness and lengths of the bundles, about 3 to 4 hair bundles are enough to cover the whole head.

Beso Hair Manhattan Flatiron


• Protects your own hair from heat styling
• Allows you to wear different hair styles and lengths
• Last about 6 to 8 weeks until it needs to be re-sewn
• Hair wefts will not come off easily if sewn to the braid properly
• Great option for girls who are gym active



• Hair bundles are harder to disguise than wigs
• Your own hair can be damaged if you have a leave out (a small portion of your own hair that is left out for parting). Closures will protect your hair.
• It’s not as versatile as wigs if you want a different hair style
• Unable to thoroughly shampoo your hair
• You would need to get your hair braided and wefts re-sewed at least every 6 to 8 weeks


Hair wigs

Hair wigs have come a long way from how it was previously made. Nowadays, wigs are more commonly worn as protective hairstyles and as fashion accessories. Today wigs are designed to look very natural and less ‘wiggy’. Not only are wigs great to protect your own hair, they are versatile and can provide various style options.

BESO HAIR Brooklyn Bodywave Wig


• Protects your hair from heat styling
• Allows you to switch your hairstyle frequently
• Easy to wear and requires minimal effort
• Can be sewn on or just attached on with clips and head strap


• Some wigs need to be customised so it looks natural to the individual for a ‘perfect fit’
• Not ideal to wear when exercising
• Clip-on wigs may not be secured as sew-in bundles
• Wigs would need to be re-worn everyday
• Front lace wigs are more restrictive than full lace wigs

Hair wig inside out

Both options provide great results but it ultimately comes down to your preference and lifestyle. Some may choose hair bundles because they may find it to be more secure and others may choose hair wigs because it offers various hairstyle options. Whatever the reasons are for you, the hair should be easy, convenient and work accordingly to your daily routine.

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