Lace Front Wigs Australia

Feeling lacey?

"What's better, 4 inches or 6 inches?" a customer once asked. At BESO Hair, we offer various luxury alternatives when it comes to lace wigs; whether it's full lace wigs or lace front wigs. We'll be looking into the different options when it comes to selecting the perfect lace front wig for you. 

As some may know, full lace wigs provide the ultimate versatility with the whole wig cap being lace and being able to part the hair anywhere you wish. Although full lace wigs are an expensive option, lace front wigs provide similar results at an affordable price.

For a while now, BESO Hair only offered 4" lace wigs for all of our lace front wigs. We will be introducing 6" lace front wigs available to select when ordering your lace front wigs.


4" Lace Front Wigs

4" Lace Front Wig


- Most affordable option. As there is less lace than 6" lace front wigs and full lace wigs, this means we won't need to individually sew each strand of hair as much as we would when constructing a full lace wig.

- Very similar results. The lace is only 2 inches shorter than a 6" lace front wig, so the results aren't that much different and you get to save some coins too. Bonus!

- More cap than lace means that the longevity of the hair on the cap is longer-lasting. When wigs tend to naturally shed, it usually sheds from the lace area and it rarely sheds from the cap area, as the hair tracks have been sewn onto the cap more securely.



- Although you can wear a middle or off-center parting with a 4" lace front wig, the versatility to part your hair is limited.

- May not look as natural as a 6" lace front wig because the hair parting is not a deeper hair part. 

- Because there is more cap area than lace, you would need to be careful the tracks are not showing in the back.


6" Lace Front Wigs

6" lace front wig


- It allows for more flexibility - the 6" lace front wig allows you to part your hair in the middle, side and off-center.

- It looks more natural than a 4" lace front wig. As there is more lace, it allows you to have a deeper hair part, which gives the illusion it's your own scalp. Yikes! (in a good way)

- It's the best of both worlds! Stuck on deciding 4" lace front wigs or full lace wigs? The 6" lace wigs offer a happy medium of both; affordability and versatility.



- It's a tad more expensive than the 4" lace front wigs. As there is more lace, each individual strand of hair needs to be sewn onto the lace.

- As there is more lace area than a 4" lace front wig, it's slightly more prone to shedding as lace is a very delicate material. 

- Although the 6" lace front wig is more versatile and natural-looking than the 4" lace front wig, its features are still limited compared to a full lace wig. 


That is our unbias opinion of both 4" and 6" lace front wigs. As BESO Hair embodies luxury, quality, and versatility as our daily gospel, we will be looking at upgrading our 4" lace front wigs to 6" lace front wigs. This will provide our BESO babes with an even more natural-looking unit at an affordable price tag.

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