7 Reasons Why

7 Reasons Why

7 reasons why BESO hair is Australia’s progressive hair extension and wig brand 

1. Not Salesmen

 The first and probably the most important reason is that we are qualified, skilled hairdressers. We’re not sales professionals. We are hair professionals who really understand the mechanics and technicality of hair extensions, wigs, and all things hair!

2. In-house Customisation

 This brings us to our second point – because we're well-experienced hairdressers, all hair units are custom designed in-house. This involves hairline customisation, hair colouring techniques, in-trend haircuts and glam styling your hair units before it reaches to your door.

3. Guaranteed Shipping

 The benefits of being an Australian based brand is that we offer express shipping with tracking for our Australian customers. And the best part, it’s FREE. We also offer express same-day shipping for our international customers, so our customers don’t need to wait 20 to 30 days for their hair units. At times, some hair units may require a few days to be custom made, as we want it to be perfect for you! 

4. High-Quality

 Our processes are meticulous, maybe a bit too meticulous... We take pride in our quality assurance process - from working closely with our global suppliers and ensuring that our suppliers are sourcing the best hair, to making sure your hair unit ticks off all our quality checkboxes before it gets delivered to you. All of our products are virgin hair and each hair units are sourced from one donor to provide you with the utmost quality and longevity of our products.

5. We Don't Compromise Quality for Price

 The quality of our products is what makes us stand out in the industry. At least every 6 months, we review our current suppliers and work with new suppliers to bring you premium hair. We also know that high-quality hair isn’t cheap, so we’ve worked really hard to get our prices low as possible so it’s affordable for our customers.

6. Diversity

 Our hair extensions and wigs are made to suit everyone. Our company was started because there was a lack of ethnic hair products in the Australian market and left our customers frustrated with limited options. We wanted to lead in the Australian hair extensions and wigs industry for ethnic consumers, so you will find that most of our products have dark coloured roots and Brazilian textured hair that blends seamlessly with natural ethnic hair. 

7. Trustworthy and Reliable

 Last but certainly not least, we aim to provide exceptional customer service experiences for our hair lovers. We want your shopping experience to be simple, easy and straightforward. As an online store, we want to ensure that you’re receiving the best experience as if you’re walking into a store. We offer friendly returns and contact support for all your hair needs.


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